The Albert Protection Squad or the APS for short, are Fat Alberts personal bodyguards. They were hired specifically to guard Albert when a few demons tried to assassinate him. They consist of their leader Ricky, Remmington, Hades, Thorn, and Hogan Cote Maximus the 15th.

They are all friendly people, willing to give donations and feed the poor in Alberts name. They were approved to be with Albert and be a part of the clan when Popeye the sailor saw their power in demon slaying by protecting Albert from a killer demon, whom they beat said demon up with its own limbs when it tried to stab Albert. When Albert is in danger or is heavily outnumbered, he brings out the Protection Squad to help him.

Albert sees the bodyguard leader, Ricky as his true father and looks up to him for support. They once managed to wound Bern by shooting him when Bern tried to murder Albert.

They all carry Uzis that they managed to steal from the mafia, with the exception of their leader Ricky who uses a rocket launcher during battle.

They also love children and run the RUC brand orphanages when no one is around to protect them.