The spy.

Alf is a member of the Radioactive Uber Clan and is the RUC's spy. He disguises himself as others with near perfect accuracy and can change his voice to anyone.

Personality and Background

Alf is a gentle yet stubborn soul. He values others lives over his and trains constantly to be a spy. He has never once failed at being a spy. He cares about his Daughter "Elf" a lot who was raped by Soviet Steve and Bern in a horrific gangbang.

Alf joined the RUC after he treated a dying Fat Albert back to health and fought demons to protect him.

Alf always speaks in rhymes and is a fan of Doctor Who. He is also a proud Cheondist and prodects fellow members of Cheondism.

Due to Project Equality, Alf came out as gay. He said he had gay tendencies for many years but had to hide the fact due to evil Demons potentially manipulating him.

Alf by flavioluccisano-d6rh8hc

Alf after the Great Fall