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Ambush Bugs human form

Ambush Bug with his lover and RUC traiter, Betty Boop.

Ambush Bug is a Neo-Nazi, Demon, and Necromancer sent by Mikennemonic to cause chaos and plunge the world into darkness. He wants only destruction and is willing to manipulate and torture people for his own gain. He used to join a prostitution ring with Mr. Jap before Mr. Jap was defeated and arrested by Popeye The Sailor.

Ambush Bug went into hiding and was called by Mike after the death of Tupac Shakur to go and destroy everything. After Mike' revival with Hatter and Glackenburg, Ambush Bug manipulated former Radioactive Uber Clan member Betty Boop to join their side and become his lover.

Felix & Jabberjaw[]

Two RUC members have affected Ambush Bugs life none more than Felix the Cat and Jabberjaw.

Felix the Cat is Ambush Bugs long time enemy. When Ambush Bugs old friend, The Burger King tried to stop the fight between Felix and Ambush Bug he got shot and killed. This enraged both Felix AND Ambush: One for having an innocent die and the other because his friend died. To this day they still fight to this day.

Jabberjaw however has a crush on Ambush Bug. His love for Ambush Bug is so strong that Ambush almost reformed and joined the RUC out of affection but Mike's power was too strong. Jabberjaw wants to protect Ambush Bug with his life but he knows one day he has to die and he wants to be the one to kill him if Felix doesn't do the job.

Ambush Bug however broke Jabberjaws heart when he bit his fin, causing his finger to bleed and making Jabberjaw to cry. Now Jabberjaw wants revenge on Ambush Bug for toying with him.

Ambush Bugs demon form.