Anne Schillings was the older brother of Becky Schillings. Both of them were at the same high school together and while Becky was the target for bullies, Anne was the most popular kid on campus. He was the lead quarterback for their Football team and he was the champion at the schools wrestling club. His dream was to be the next wrestling champion.

When he heard that Jabberjaw of the Radioactive Uber Clan saved his sister from a group of bullies, this made Anne question his will as an older brother since he's being outdone by Jabberjaw. He read up on who the RUC was and while he saw them as heroes, he didn't believe in Demons, thinking they were mere superstition.

This was when evil demon SeniorBagOfCrap of Mikes Army in his human form decided to tell Anne lies about the RUC. Anne fell for the lies and wanted to scream at Becky for associating with the RUC.

However when he tried to do it in school, he slowly became a demon. Becky tried to warn everyone but it was too late as the newly turned demon, Anne blew up the entire school by blowing up the boiler.

Anne tried to rape Becky when the RUC came. Jabberjaw came with a cement truck and poured it on Anne, freezing him in place forever.

In honor of the brother she once knew, Becky put Anne's cemented self as a statue in the entrance of the main RUC Observer building.