Bane is a member of the Cosmic Six and is one of the more notable members. He was a neo-Russian man who was fascinated of luchadors and wanted to be one. He ended up breaking the backs and necks of many luchadors so he can become on. Stoo'thoo The Wise-Eye noticed Banes evil actions and gave him godlike powers and inducted him into the Cosmic Six. He caused many peoples minds to perish under madness and killed many people.

During the Great Fall, he killed Mr. Rogers by snapping his neck in a 129 degree angle and almost killed Jafar. He vowed to kill the rest of the Radioactive Uber Clan with his bare hands.


Bane is a man of strength and intelligence. He is able to use neon psychic powers to lift people up and turn them into mold. His strength is strong enough to destroy Fat Alberts Titanium walls with a poke of the thumb. He is a man who must not be underestimated.