Evil Demon Bern.

Bern is a member of Mike's Army and a demon sent by the lord of hell, Satan himself. Bern is a witch who is transgender which by the Neo-bibles standards, warns of an evil prophecy about a witch who sees himself as a woman that will end times.

Bern is the reason why the Titanic sank and was Popeye 's first failure. When Popeye realized Bern was working to bring the end of the world with Mikennemonic, he ordered Fat Albert to come and stop him.

Albert tried his best but couldn't. Now Fat Albert wants Bern to die in order to save the world and his beloved girlfriend, Flower flower Von Flowerlina.

Bern can transform into a level 10 Death demon that resulted in the death's of 1000's, if not millions of innocents.

If Mike has a blood orgy with Bern, the multiverse will be plunged into darkness and everyone will die, just like the last two multiverses.

Killing of Merlin

When Merlin was on his daily patrol he saw Bern driving. Merlin tried to arrest Bern for his crimes but instead Bern torched him to death. The death of Merlin sparked Felix the Cat to realize his true powers: He can transform into Robo-Felix. Felix now uses the power of Robo-Felix to avenge Merlin.


-Along with Hatter and Saddam Hussein, Bern plotted 9/11.

-In the RUC most wanted poll, Bern placed 3rd in the "most wanted individual" right behind Mike and Soviet Steve.

- Bern has created EA.

- Bern has recently been eating a lot of new food as of late, mainly inhuman spicy food which has been known to give him great demon power. This trait is shared with Ambush Bug.

- Bern has been nominated for "Most demonic monster of the year" for the 2015 "RUC Award show".

- Bern has currently been eating Blood Pudding, a type of pudding made out of the bones and blood from innocent humans enchanted with dark magic to give him 60% more power.


Bern after the Great Fall

Bern the demon

Bern's Death demon form.