Radioactive Uber Wiki

Big Earl is a member of the Radioactive Uber Clan who is a bodyguard for both Popeye the Sailor. and Popeye Jr. He vows to protect them with his life ever since Popeye found him buried in rubble from a failed motorcycle accident. He learned how to be a bodyguard from the Bodyguard Priests of El Tolo.

At twelve foot eleven, he is the largest RUC member. Alongside his girlfriend, Koly the two of them vow to protect the Popeye family with their lives, no matter what. He is known to attack Demons with his highly advanced motorcycle. It is known that he runs over demons as if it's a sport and talks to Popeye about his kills.

With his girlfriend Koly, they are said to be unstoppable bodyguards for the Popeyes. He also has a biker gang called the "Dead Suns" who chase after demons and run them over. He is also a big eater, whom Koly comments how he almost choked on swallowing a hamburger whole, much to her anger.