Bingo's human form.

Bingo is an evil demonic zombie firebreathing clown demon who is also the child of Bern and Glackenburgen. He runs a scam carnival designed to scam people and kidnap them for potential blood orgies. He is part of Mikes Army. He is their Demonic executioner who loves to execute innocent people in the most brutal way possible.


As mentioned earlier, evil demon Bern gave birth to Bingo with Glackenburgen after a demonic blood orgy conceived the evil demon. He and Glack knew they created a powerful member to destroy the world.

He was raised by evil demon Mikennemonic until he grew to maturity.

Bingo ended up killing many other clowns so he can take their place. By doing so he would be allowed to inflate and rape children while forcing them to devour their parents. He ended up turning many human children into demons due to his demonic power.

He also has a disease where he bursts out laughing every few seconds.


One of Bingos most dangerous attacks is the "Honksplosion" magic attack where he absorbs all the evil aura in the world and lets it out into a huge explosion by going "honk". This is how he managed to destroy twenty one cities and almost killed Jafar.

Bingo can also turn his body into liquid to travel at super fast speed and avoid security. He can also resurrect the dead.

Battle at Emerald City

When the Radioactive Uber Clan heard of an evil demon attacking Dorothy at Emerald City so they sprung into action.

They saw Bingo eating the dead remains of the Tin man and Bingo saw the RUC, in which he turned into his liquid form and attacked. He managed to strangle Fat Albert before the Street Sharks came and beat him off of Albert, accidentally injuring Albert in the process but they saved his life. Bingo grabbed Dorothy and began to strip her naked, threatening to rape her if the RUC comes any closer.

Popeye The Sailor jumped in and punched Bingo so hard he fell to the ground. Evil demon Soviet Steve came and grabbed Bingo's body and ran off.

To this day the evil demon Bingo is in a coma but the RUC must slay him once and for all before he awakens from this coma.


Bingo's Demon form.