Blood Orgy is a satanic sexual orgy ritual that requires someone to be sacrificed to bring upon the end of the world. The blood orgy is a technique demonstrated by satanists and necromancers since the 4th century. Many demons use it to cause the end of the world or at least attempt to do it. The Radioactive Uber Clan has stopped three and will stop Mikes Army from doing it to save the world.

How a Blood Orgy works

A master demon must have one sacrifical demon and hundreds, if not thousands of middle class demons. They all begin to have a large sexual orgy while speaking in tongue. During the sexual activity, the master demon will cut open the sacrifical demon and toss its organs and blood all over the middle class demons. Once they lick up the blood and eat the organs while having sex, the end of the world will come.

This includes fire coming out of the ground, raining lava, sky turning red, disease everywhere, and millions of demons destroying everything in sight. The only way to reverse a Blood Orgy is to read the Red Bible, which is a magical version of the Holy Bible but used to reverse a blood orgy.

There have been seven blood orgys recorded, all of them stopped or quickly reversed. These are highly dangerous, demonic acts.