Criminal in charge of a slave trade.

Boris Pork is an evil pigman criminal who leads a crime syndicate known as the SFG(Slaves for Gold). He kidnaps innocent people to sell as slaves.

As a member of the Turkish empire, Boris Pork was a young kid training to be a full fledge soldier. He was training until the Tomato King came to bomb Turkey. As the only survivor of the attack, Tomato Kings soldiers came and dragged Boris away.

They were doing experiments on him with radioactive tomatoes, turning him into a pigman. He was violently raped by the Tomato King for thirteen years before he escaped.

Traumatized by this incident, Boris began to kill random people. He was about to kill someone when Nostalgia Critic saw him with a young woman and paid good money for her as a slave. Boris realized his calling in life.

He quickly became a notorious Slave trader and crime syndicate leader. He likes to kidnap people and sexually and physically abuse them regardless of gender before he sells them to people.

Popeye The Sailor attacked Boris when he saw him selling a bunch of people in a bus. Boris got the upper hand and shot Popeyes ear off but he lost the bus to Noid who disguised himself as a prisoner to take the bus away.

The slaves thanked Popeye and became members of the RUC to show how much they thanked him for saving their life.

Popeye stitched his own ear back on and promised to get Boris Pork.

His current whereabouts are unknown.