One of RUC's current HQ's and store of the late John Burke.

Burke's Store is one of the many HQ's for the Radioactive Uber Clan and is one of their smallest. This is considered to be their 10th active HQ and is their most concealed. On the top floor is a regular pawn shop where anyone can go in and purchase anything they like from TV's to posters to even microwaves and food. Downstairs behind the counter is where the basement/bunker/base hybrid is at. RUC soldiers tend to this store but when major RUC officers are around, they tend to take care of it when they are around. This is considered to be the base that is closest to a main city.

This used to be the store to John Burke, a childhood friend of Popeye's father. John Burke always gave Popeye The Sailor seven lolipops when he was around with his father. When Mr. Jap killed Popeye's parents, John Burke gave a supply package to Popeye in hopes of cheering him up. Many years later, after the RUC was formed Popeye went back to Burke's and saw his old friend: John Burke who greeted Popeye, seeing the kid he used to treat well now being an adult. However, a week after Popeye greeted John Burke again, he came back only to see something tragic has occurred: John Burke was found murdered with a cellphone smashed into his skull.

Popeye pulled the cellphone out and used it to get the password to the security cameras. There he saw the most horrible thing: Members of Mikes Army: Bingo the Clown, KxKing, Raisin, and the leader of this posse, Glackenburgen coming in and torturing John Burke about a "Special Book" before killing him before King smashed the cellphone in Burkes head and Raisin having sex with his dead corpse while Glack and Bingo stole the money from the cash register.

To honor his deceased childhood friend, Popeye turned Burke's Store into a new RUC HQ. To this day they get a lot of customers and are making the base in memory of John Burke.