Count Chocula is a member of the Radioactive Uber Clan and is the RUC's Vampire. He controls an army of vampires to help the RUC while selling his Chocolate cereal. He is friends with Dr. Zitbag.

Count Chocula always guards the entrance to RUC's HQ.


Count Chocula makes vampire puns but he is rather intelligent. He is very cultured and he sees himself as a king. He has an obsession with chocolate and his chocolate cereal as well as human blood.

He needs human blood though to be extremely powerful though. He uses chocolate to keep himself from being addicted to blood.

Testicular Cancer

On 6/20/2018, Count Chocula has been diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. It has been suspected that this is due to demon Default aquiring the power of Cancer Thought, which allows him to give cancer to anyone he thinks of as long as he's meditating.

A GoFundMe page will pop up to help get his money to cure his cancer.


Count Chocula after the Great Fall

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