Cyril Sneer is a member of the Radioactive Uber Clan and is the RUC's black market dealer. He is used to get black market weapons for the RUC but due to his past and track record, including a betrayal before going back to the RUC, Popeye does not trust Cyril Sneer at all.


Cyril sneer worked in a black market ring selling illegal guns and drugs to minors and watching them have siezures. However Popeye The Sailor broke in and arrested him.

However Cyril later saved Popeye from Nostalgia Critic and he joined the RUC. Despite this, Popeye does not trust Cyril but is using him for his advantages by making the RUC more stronger. Despite this, Fat Albert trusts him a lot. Cyril states that he only works for the RUC because he can get a profit off of his black market merchandise but in reality, he is doing this to save the world.

However on 12/31/13, Cyril betrayed the RUC in favor of joining KFC. He was later apprehended and took a few months to show he is still a loyal member of the RUC. While Popeye doesn't trust him still, he has gained the trust and loyalty of Felix the CatJabberjawDr. ZitbagNoid, and Alf. In reality Cyril is working both as an illegal black market weapon seller and a member of the RUC so he can save his village that is currently under seige by Space Terrorists.

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Cyril Sneer after the Great Fall