Daffy Duck was the Radioactive Uber Clan medic and is responsible for the death of Tupac Shakur. He was known to be a great medic and saved everyones lives.

He was the owner of his own hospital after getting a diploma from his parents. His hospital was considered the best in the area and he saved many peoples lives.

Daffys hospital was bombed by a mad doctor who wanted to kill as many patients as possible to revive the "Dead One". The RUC came in and saw what was going on. The Mad Doctor was about to decapitate Daffy until Fat Albert grabbed a lamp and smashed it on the Mad Doctors head, killing him.

Realizing his hospital is in ruins, Daffy was about to commit suicide until Popeye The Sailor stopped him. Popeye told Daffy that the RUC needs a medic and he was happy to join in.

From then on he saved many RUC members lives with his medical skills.


During the battle against Tupac Shakur on top of a volcano, Daffy was one of the members tasked to help fight against Tupac. Tupac was taking advantage of Popeye, Albert, Noid, and Ruben. Daffy, seeing his friends close to death had no other choice but to grab Tupac and push both of them into the volcano. Both died in the lava.

Popeye broke down, crying when he saw Daffy sacrificing himself.

Later on a funeral was held for Daffy Duck. The entire RUC were crying and Popeye broke down again trying to say his funeral speech about Daffy, realizing he lost a good friend.

A statue of Daffy is in the entrance to RUC HQ in memory of him.