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Default is a demon who is a member of Mikes Army. he is responsible for creating Propaganda as well as tearing out the guts and hearts of infants and eating them raw. He will stop at nothing to cause a Blood Orgy, even if it means hypnotizing people. He also created several games that inject people with brainwashing serum and give them seizures.

He and Popeye the Sailor. had a battle on top of Lincolns Statue to prevent him from bombing the statue. Popeye emerged victorious but Default escaped.

The Game

Default has created a game that puts the Radioactive Uber Clan in a bad light that brainwashes people. This game was discovered early on when Count Chocula investigated it and had a rabid seizure after playing it. When trying to save Chocula, both Peter Griffin and Jabberjaw also got hit with rabid seizures after viewing the game.

This game made all three of them ill for days. This is a game that will harm those who read it and drive the players to madness. The Radioactive Uber Clan is currently making a counter-game to stop this propaganda as well as to encourage kids to never touch strangers like Default.