Kesha The Satanic Cult Leader

Kesha The Satanic Cult Leader

Proof of demons.


An army of Demons that Popeye fought and killed.

Demons are supernatural and evil beings prelavent in society. They tend to cause misfortune, tragedy, sorrowness, and bad fortune. They are the main enemies of the Radioactive Uber Clan. Their goals to cause sorrow and tragedy varies but it's been proven that all pure blooded demons are evil and can not be trusted. There are five ranks of demons: Lower class Demons(I.E smaller demons like T.A.R.D Babies), Middle class demons, Higher class demons(Mostly demon generals), Demon gods, and Demon univseral gods(like Mikennemonic).


A majority of demons use their demonic and satanic powers for various purposes. All demons have the ability to transform into humans while high ranking demons can turn into animals or other monsters. Demons can also summon fireballs, turn their blood into glass, breath underwater, and teleport.

Demons are also known to manipulate human/non-demon minds as well as manipulate the media. They have a huge grasp in government power and will do anything to turn every other living being into demons. Demons can also magnify their powers when millions of other demons are around, making a demon army like Mikes Army more threatening.

Transformation into Demons

Sometimes a human or other being may transform into a demon: Either by force of another demon, on purpose, or through the many sins they have committed. The RUC is safe from turning into demons since they have items known as Golden Cards that prevent their demonification. A demon can turn others into demons either by forcing them to drink their blood or a Blood Orgy. There are also many ways ones can turn into a demon, usually by breaking any of these sins: 

1. Sex before marriage. If you are not a virgin and not married, you are more likely to morph into a demon than others.

2. Lack of School Education. If you haven't graduated and gotten a diploma, you are gonna turn into a demon.

3. Drinking human blood or eating human flesh. If you do either of these you are likely to turn into a demon.

4. Robberies. Robbing people or banks makes you more likely to turn into a demon.

5. Unhealthy diet. If you have a bad diet, you are more likely to turn into a demon.

6. Diseases. If you have a fatal disease, the disease will slowly turn you into a demon.

7. Murder. If you murder people with no good intention, you are more likely to turn into a demon.

8. Rape. If you rape someone or take their virginity there's a chance you'll turn both of you into demons.

9. Poison. if you create poison, you are likely to turn into a demon.

10. Arson. If you burn down houses, you are more likely to turn into demons.

There is no known way to stop the demon transformation unless you have a Golden Card. Death is the only way to end ones suffering of being a demon. Humans and humanoid people can turn into demons.

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