Dr. Alligator

The doctor for the Popeye family.

Dr. Alligator is Popeye The Sailors childhood friend and was the doctor to the Popeye family.

When Popeyes family was killed by Mr. Jap, Bluto sent Popeye to Dr. Alligator each day to help him with physical and mental health. This was the start of their friendship.

Dr. Alligator always told Popeye the stuff his parents did as well as some medical stories of his while making Popeye his homemade vanilla ice cream.

When Popeye made the Radioactive Uber Clan years later, Popeye went to visit his old friend. When he came in however, he saw his friend was mildly depressed. When Popeye asked his old friend what happened, he said that his husband, James Alligator was killed in the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Shocked by this, Popeye went to terrorist camps and defeated many terrorists, bringing them to jail as punishment for hurting Dr. Alligator.

Dr. Alligator, relieved to see justice was done gave his young friend a hug.

Dr. Alligator runs Project Equality, a fundraiser, mission, and project made by the RUC to help promote minorities and kill racism.

Dr. Alligator became a pseudo RUC member as the RUC Doctor, helping treat the wounds of many RUC soldiers and innocent civilians when he can. He also loves to feed the homeless.

Every day he goes to his husbands grave and mourns for his death.