Dr. Zitbag.

Dr. Zitbag is a member of the Radioactive Uber Clan and is the RUC's scientist. Along with Fat Albert, they begin to work on devices like the Uber Missile. Dr. Joseph Zitbag was a child in Germany when it was invaded by Mikes Army and his adopted father, Dr. Jeffery Zitbag was murdered by Soviet StevePopeye The Sailor saved him from certain doom and recruited him due to his knowledge in science.


Dr. Zitbag is a pimp, on and off work. He always has two female assistants with him and he loves women. So much so he let them direct his science projects.

Dr. Zitbag will do anything to get women. So far his two female assistants have helped him and Fat Albert make the best devices around.

Dr. Zitbag doesn't have much ways of fighting of fighting. He fights with a revolver though, gotten as a present by his two female assistants.

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Dr. Zitbag after the Great Fall