Dread Castle is the base to the evil Mikennemonic and his evil army. This is where humans and innocent animals are kidnapped to be slaughtered for food, used as slaves, or are turned into Demons.

The entire castle is surrounded by lava and when some people try to investigate the castle, their burnt corpses are found a few days later. The souls of the tortured and dying can be heard everywhere. A Blood Orgy is very common here. The sky is always blood red and it is hot as a volcano in there.

There are torture rooms where demons torture people for fun, slave labor camps, and ritual circles to turn humans into demons. Mike always watches over his chaotic ground on his golden throne while drinking buckets of human blood and eating dead fetuses. He goes to his demonic war room where he rallies up his fellow demons to cause chaos across the world.

Popeye The Sailor and the Radioactive Uber Clan have been spying on them but they are thinking of ways to raid the evil castle and stop Mike once and for all.