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Fat Albert is a member of the Radioactive Uber Clan and is the Technician of the group. He is a kind hearted individual who joined the RUC after seeing a little girl die from a serial killer named Jack The Ripper.


While stubborn, Fat Albert is a lovable man who gives his money to charity. He also loves his son Albert Jr, even after Hatter Von Carne violently murdered his son and fed the flesh to Mohammed who they kidnapped to gain Mikennemonic's powers.

After the death of Albert Jr, Fat Albert became even more courageous and almost lost a few limbs during combat in order to save thirteen puppies.


While he has the least magic power out of the entire clan, he is the most intelligent person in the RUC. He knew that Bern was the key to summon Demi-Satan and he plans to kill Mike or kill Bern to stop the end of the world. He even created an army of Mech's that are strong enough to take down gundams. He also has brute strength.

Fat Albert after the Great Fall