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Felix the Cat.

Felix the Cat is a member of the Radioactive Uber Clan and is one of the 20 legendary assassins. Born at North Korea, he was abused by the government there. At the age of nine, a Japanese assassin simply known as "Death" rescued Felix and trained him with the previous 20 legendary assassins.

During an assassination mission on the RUC traiter, Ernist P. Worrell, Felix met up with popeye. After killing Ernist and saving Popeye's life, he joined the ranks of the Radioactive Uber Clan in hopes of using his assassination skills to save many innocent lives.

He loves lemon tea and will kill for some of it. Felix runs an orphanage known as "The Felix the Cat underground orphanage" where he rescues Korean children from North Korea who have been assaulted by the government.


Felix the cat is calm, cool, and collected. He also knows every kind of assassination technique from the simple knife to the neck to the more complicated Shen-rung-Goe poison attack.

Felix is into the Bible and is a devoted Christian. He believes everything is in the name of god. His religion however is tainted when he realized that his arch enemy, Soviet Steve has turned the Holy bible into a communist battleground. This left Felix into a deep depression but after some talk with Jabberjaw, he managed to snap out of it and wants to kill Soviet Steve after Steve violently probed the orphans at his orphanage.

When Ambush Bug ran over Felix with a train during his assassination attempt to Steve, Felix went into a coma. By then he talked to five ancient assassins from Japan and Utah which gave Felix a collected stance on life which was useful when he fought Ambush Bug and his minions of cyber-soldiers.


Felix knows all 9019385 assassination techniques, some of which were thought to be lost from age. Felix is also seen with an assassin knife, a sniper rifle, cyanide pills, and many techniques.

Felix is also the fastest and most agile out of all the members of the Radioactive Uber Clan. He also has nine lives, one of which was lost by Ambush Bug.

Felix also has gained the power of the Holy spear which helps him heal damaged limbs.

Felix the Cat after the Great Fall