Garfield is a member of the Radioactive Uber Clan. He is the RUC's Scout where he commanders a squad of scouts to scan the area and report back any detail and situations going on.

Garfield once worked at a Church with the local priest taking care of him after his parents disappeared. He was raised with love and care until one day the evil Bern came with another fellow demon, McWhimple to burn down the church, killing the Priest in the process. Garfield tried to escape but was hit by burning rubble that hit his head, giving him amnesia of the incident.

It was only until the RUC came in to wound McWhimple and scare Bern off that Garfield was saved. Felix the Cat noticed Garfield had amnesia when asked about what happened. The RUC decided to bring him in.

As time went on though, his ability to scout things have proved vital for looking for Demons, terrorists, and run of the mill thugs. He was then hired by the RUC as their Scout.

Garfield has a thing for Lasagna and red wine. His diet only consists of those two things. He also loves to get drunk at parties.


Garfield after the Great Fall