Glackenburg or by his native name Dratholth pe' Morthurth or even by his Necromancer name Glackenwarts is a magical alien from the planet Microsoft who was sent from his master from planet Microsoft to capture human brains.

When he went there the demon Mikennemonic branded him with "The Mark of the Beast" and now Glackenburg became a Demon-Alien hybrid bent on reviving Mike. He has fought with the Radioactive Uber Clan several times. He even created an evil robot named Blackenburgen that the RUC took over in which Fat Albert re-programmed to be an unofficial member of the RUC. He revived Mike with Hatter and Ambush Bug.

He fights with a giant laser cannon that comes out of his mouth dubbed "Ginagun".

Battle with Jabberjaw

During Jabberjaws first battle with Glackenburg, he tried to kill Jabberjaw with the Gina gun until it missed and destroyed an orphanage. This lead Jabberjaw to fight even harder since there were children in that orphanage.

Though it was a difficult fight, Jabberjaw got the advantage when he found out Glackenburgs one weakness: Bern's blood. After a blood transfusion of Berns blood this left Glack weak, forcing him to escape with Blackenburgen chasing after him.

Bloody Glacky

Due to the evil deeds children made an evil song about Glackenburg known as "Bloody Glacky".

Bloody Glacky bloody glacky where are thee?

Bloody Glacky Bloody Glacky don't touch me!

Bloody Glacky Bloody Glacky who ate thee?

Bloody Glacky Bloody Glacky don't mate me!

Bloody Glacky Bloody Glacky Who licked thee?

Bloody Glacky Bloody Glacky don't pick me!

Legend has it this child song weakens Glackenburg even more.


Glackens true alien form.