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Hatters true demon form.

Hatters regular form.

Hatter or her full name, Hatter Von Carne is a demon and necromancer from the 9th dimension sent by Amo Satan.

Hatter is responsible for bringing Mikennemonic back to life along with Ambush Bug and Glackenburg.

She has the ability to reverse time and create volcanoes. Hatter is also a known cannibal even to the point of eating herself.

Battle with Popeye

During 9/11/11, Popeye found Hatter abducting Movie star Eddie murphy and violently having a blood orgy with him in order to try and bring her army of Mini-Hatters to take over New York City.

Popeye saved Eddie Murphy but the two of them fought on a plane. Popeye tried to shove Hatter in the plane's engines but both of them got sucked up, destroying the plane. Popeye survived and thought Hatter died. Turns out she didn't but she was mortally wounded and she had to have Amo Satan fist her severed arm until it re-attached.

To this day Popeye and Hatter are still fighting, especially since Mike has revived which gives him more motivation to fight the group. She is #5 on the Radioactive Uber Clan's most wanted individuals.