Berns Hell Garden.

Hell's Garden is a term to describe the demonic, evil and vile gardens made by Mikes Army. They are run by evil demon Bern to grow the Vegetables of sins.

Vegetables of Sins are vegetables that look like normal vegetables but are made that when consumed, they make humans perform sinful and evil acts.

There have been 3000 known cases of the Vegetable of sins turning people into violent pscyhopaths.

Bern is selling them from his evil Hell Garden to get funds for Mikennemonic war plans.

The following picture was found when Felix the Cat used Jabberjaws proxy to spy on the demon HQ. He found Bern posted images of this evil, illegal Hell Garden. Felix was so traumatized by seeing Berns Hell Garden that it took him two weeks to speak again.

The Radioactive Uber Clan Destroyed two of Berns Hell Gardens once with a flamethrower, effectively saving many people.