Hush Twins

John and Don Hush are the Hush Twins. They work for the evil demon Mikennemonic and were a part of his army. They were second in command to SpotxSpott and they enjoyed tearing out the intestines of babies before creating acid vomit to kill people. They have been known to rape and murder hundreds of people at once. They were dangerous to the Radioactive Uber Clan. They liked to disguise themselves as Home Insurance owners.


The Hush twins decided to raid Lady Tremaine.s home to try and torture and rape her. They battled against Noid in which he grabbed Dons neck and ripped out his lungs before he would hurt Lady Tremaine.

John ended up running away before Felix the Cat used his sniper rifle to blow apart John.

The RUC later sent their fingers to Spot as a warning of what they would do to him if they harm any more innocent lives.