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For a more prosper world.

The Indigo Syndicate is a company founded by Popeye Jr. on his 10th birthday. They are a company with the slogan of "For a more prosper world". They create high tech weaponry, form deals, send their militia to help others, and create surveillance all around the world in search of Criminals, Demons, and crime.

Popeye Jr. allows his company to work with his fathers Clan, the Radioactive Uber Clan to help protect the world. The Indigo Syndicate would also sell data to other organizations if it meant to get criminals and demons in trouble.

As of 2022, several members have been added to the Indigo Syndicate to protect Popeye Jr. and help spread the Indigo Syndicate.


The following are a list of members who will be added as time goes on when each of their individual pages come up. They are not as large as the Radioactive Uber Clan but the Indigo Syndicate is still loyal to Popeye Jr, just like how the RUC is loyal to his father.

  1. Popeye Jr.: The leader of the Indigo Syndicate and founder. Like Popeye with the RUC, Popeye Jr rules the Indigo Syndicate with power to stop demons while funding everything with his company.
  2. Big Earl: A member of the RUC but also a member of the Blue Syndicate. The Biker leader of the Dead Suns who vows to protect the Popeye family with his life and lover.
  3. Koly: The Secret Agent of both the RUC and Blue Syndicate, whom along with her lover, Big Earl vowed to protect the Popeye family after the RUC saved their life.
  4. Eegore: The chosen caretaker of Popeye Jr. when he was a baby whenever Popeye was out. A man who is half-human, half-fish who is a sorcerer and servant of the Indigo Syndicate, he is also an advisor to Popeye Jr. whenever the others are not around.
  5. Nikolai Almuff: The leader of Indigo Syndicate's military force. Once a soldier of the RUC, after an explosion burned his body and he was left for dead, RUC Scientists have rebuilt him into a cyborg in heavy armor and he vows vengeance against the demons for ruining his life.
  6. Skullface Jack: A sniper dubbed "The Lich of Hellstorm", Skullface Jack is a mysterious soldier who aided the RUC during Operation "Super Desert" to protect the desert villagers from evil demons. No one knows who he is but he volunteered to join the Indigo Syndicate not because he hates demons or want to save the world but to join the "Thrill of the hunt".
  7. Sewk: A lizardman of the good variety who vows revenge against Lizardman for ruining his family. Dr. Zitbag added a brain chip into his brain so he won't randomly attack his allies due to his aggression.
  8. Ashe: A new captain to the Indigo Syndicate. A military soldier who only joined the Indigo Syndicate because Popeye Jr. says they have a cure for her dying sister, Jenny. She was hesitant to join them at first due to demonic Propaganda she heard for a while but ended up embracing the Indigo Syndicate afterwards.
  9. Julius Royson: The spokesperson for the Indigo Syndicate, leader of the PR department, and host of the Talk Show, "Indigo Facts". While he doesn't fight directly, he spreads the word of the RUC and Indigo Syndicate and tell people about the company and how to defend themselves from demons.
  10. Dr. Eugene Krauser: The head scientist of the Indigo Scientist and is considered to be Dr. Zitbag's successor. He is a long lasting scientist who joined the Indigo Syndicate to help bolster the Syndicate and create new products.
  11. Noidmaine Jr: Noidmaine "Eva" Jr., after some talk with her parents, Noid and Lady Tremaine. she decided to join the Indigo Syndicate to be with the love of her life, Popeye Jr. She learned martial arts to protect him and she is his second in command for when Popeye Jr. is too sick to do anything.