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IRA is an evil demon of Mikes Army. He is a general among Mikennemonic's demon army who has been known to summon thousands of succubus to fight alongside him. These succubus would seduce many people and force them to commit atrocious acts before turning them into demons. He was born as the "Great One" and is thus, seen as a powerful demon in Mike's evil army.

Ira's human form.


IRA was born under the kinship of succubi. A bunch of naked Succubi would cut their wrists while having sex with each other, chanting in demonic tongue to try and give birth to the "Great One". Eventually one of the succubi would expand and then explode, giving birth to who would be named IRA.

IRA would terrorize and rape many people with his succubi army. It is said that many civilizations have disappeared because of his succubi army.

IRA would have many battles with Ruben's Nuts, Fat Albert, and more recently Kermit and Popeye Jr.. None have killed him yet but Albert has found a potion to weaken him long enough to finally defeat him. He has yet to use it because he needs to use it at the right time.

IRA's demon form with a Succubus.