The friendly shark.

Jabberjaw is a member of the Radioactive Uber Clan and one of the newer members of the group(the other being Mr. Rogers). He always tells the truth and is very passionate about having a family. He has a giant appetite but he is willing to give food to the needy and loves children.

He joined the Radioactive Uber Clan when A masked demon tried to molest him and torture him. Popeye The Sailor and Fat Albert rescued Jabberjaw and was very grateful to the point of joining them. He is the RUC's Historian.

When Jabberjaw was a teenager, he used to work as a Spokesperson at an Automotive shop. He was considered top class as a Spokesperson. His brother, Jefferyjaw ended up lighting the entire shop on fire and blamed Jabberjaw and he got fired for it.


Jabberjaw is young and energetic but is a very hungry person. He does stuff usually for food or batteries because his now deceased father created batteries. Most of the time however he is passionate about having a family with someone and wants love. He is traumatized by the deaths of his parents by the hands of Mikennemonic and will do anything to protect the children. He also sees the Street Sharks as his brothers.


Jabberjaw has the ability to make explosives and shoot electricity from his hands. Due to this combination, he is good at making electro-bombs for the RUC. He got these abilities when Popeye experimented on him and gave him knowledge how to make bombs. Sometimes Fat Alberts tech and Jabberjaws bombs work together to create powerful explosives to stop the enemy.

After the Great Fall Jabberjaw began to lift weights and gain super strength.


Jabberjaw after the Great Fall.