Jabberjaw Sr. giving out candy to some kids during Halloween.

Jabberjaw Senior is the father of Jabberjaw and is a polite, elderly shark. He lost his teeth during the great Gulf War after a bomb blew his teeth up. He is deaf on one ear and is blind so he needs glasses. He also has digestive and bladder problems, much to Jabberjaws annoyance.

He was kind to Jabberjaw and Jabberjaws older brother, Jefferyjaw. He always gave ths Jaw brothers some candy every morning and every night while singing them stories.

However one day the Jaw families lives all changed forever when Jefferyjaw decided he wanted the family savings so he sold Jabberjaw off to a Masked Demon to torture and molest him.

When Jabberjaw joined the Radioactive Uber Clan he wanted to see where his father went after so long. He ended up finding a newspaper saying that Jabberjaw Senior died from unknown causes. This made Jabberjaw mildly disappointed in his father.

A while later though, Jefferyjaw came back and tried to attack Jabberjaw. It looked like Jabberjaw was gonna lose until Jabberjaw Senior came from the shadows and knocked Jefferyjaw out. Jabberjaw Senior faked his death in order to tell Jabberjaw that he was Proud of him.

The family reunited after that incident with Jefferyjaw in RUC prison. Jabberjaw Senior now lives in Jabberjaws room in the RUC HQ but due to his old age, Jabberjaw has to replace the carpets constantly because his father unwillingly stains them.