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James Heward.

James Heward was an elderly man who held the umbrella known as Spotxspott before the evil Mikennemonic used his tongue magic to bring the umbrella to life.

James was a kind man who loved long walks, fathered four daughters, loved to cook, and was a widow. He lead a normal life but one day he bought an umbrella. This umbrella would later be known as SpotxSpott. James lead a normal life other than that, using the umbrella known as Spot during rainy days when one day the evil demon MikeNnemonic invaded his hometown. Mike began to do an evil Tongue Chant that brought Inanimate objects to life as demons to kill people. One of them was Spot.

Scared, James tried to fend off the evil Umbrella Demon with his fencing skills but the evil Umbrella Demon spot impaled James with his umbrella, effectively killing him.

James body was found four days later, already rotting, by the police. His daughter buried him in an undisclosed location.