Radioactive Uber Wiki

Koly is a member of the Radioactive Uber Clan and is both the bodyguard to Popeye the Sailor. and Popeye Jr. but is also their hidden Secret Agent. Alongside her father, Big Earl the two of them vow to protect the Popeye's. After a hidden mission gone wrong when evil demon Lambdadeltawitch tried to imrpegnate her with super demon eggs, she was saved by Popeye the Sailor. and Count Chocula while cutting off one of the evil demons fingers for preservation.

Flattered and realizing they saved her lover Big Earl, she decided to protect the Popeye's from evil Demons and to save the world from destruction and chaos. She is known to be a coldhearted, calculating, and manipulative against her enemies. Being trained by the Fourteen Assassins from the Assassin god, Koly has been known to assassinate enemies and sabotage their plans.

Koly wields every single gun known to mankind: Pistols, shotguns, machine guns(As shown in the picture), sniper rifles, flamethrowers, bazookas, nuke guns, and BB guns, Koly is skilled with guns. She even taught Popeye Jr. how to handle a gun.

Her loyalty lies with the RUC and Big Earl. Nothing will stop her from her plans.