Popeye's pet Cat.

Krinkles is Popeyes pet cat. He is a brave and fearsome cat that protects Popeye The Sailor.

Krinkles used to be an evil cat owned by evil demon Bern. The cat stalked Popeye until it jumped and attacked Popeye. Being a cat lover, Popeye ended up calming the cat down and hugged it tight. When he held it tight, he felt Krinkles soul. Popeye realized Krinkles was the reincarnation of Pupeye and Bern uses peoples souls and turns them into his demonic cat army.

Krinkles suddenly remembered Popeye and began to lick his cheek. Krinkles is now with Popeye but in a cat form now.

Krinkles is friends with Felix the Cat, Pink Panther, and Garfield. Krinkles can run at super fast speed, faster than any known living being on this planet.

When Chalice, the great Woman of the Divines gave Krinkles her blessing, Krinkles now can slash with his claws at super fast speed.

Popeye knows Krinkles is a great demon hunter.

After the Great Fall, Krinkles began to eat special pills that turned him into Popeyes precious jaguar.


Krinkles after the Great Fall