The Graveyard of the Fallen.

This is a list of deceased Radioactive Uber Clan members who gave their life fighting to be heroes. Their bodies have been laid at the Graveyard of the Fallen.

members cause of death
Daffy Duck Sacrificed life to kill Tupac Shakur
Elmer Fudd Killed by Ambush Bug
Dexter Suicide
Robot Jones Hacked by Glackenburgen
Bucky O'Hare Killed during Skirmish
Pepper Ann Beheaded by terrorists
Muzzy Shot by bear hunters
Carmen Sandiego Poisoned by Soviet Steve
Widget the world watcher Tortured to death by Hitler
Spongebob Squarepants Suicide
Flapjack Gunned down by police
Arthur Killed by Ratburn
Bill Killed by Schoolhouse of Rock directors
Gumby Suicide
Ren Died protecting Stimpy from Hatter
Mr. Rogers Fallen during the Great Fall
Stimpy Died protecting Ren from Hatter