Fat Alberts evil Mother.

Mama Albert is Fat Albert's evil and demented mother. She physically, mentally, and sexually abused Albert to the point of him almost breaking. She is also part of an evil Resistance bent on destroying the Radioactive Uber Clan and to cause Anarchy. Albert fought his mother personally but he always loses due to her sheer demonic powers. Even Popeye The Sailor fears her demented powers. She speaks in a Ghetto accent that turns into satanic tongue.


Mama Albert wasn't always evil, she was very kind to her child Albert and his baby sister. One day however her eyes turned red with demonic powers and she began to chop up Alberts sister and eat her in front of him. This was a sign that the Mother Albert knew is no more.

Throughout the years Mama Albert beat, screamed, and raped Albert. When Albert found the RUC however, she got frustrated over her sons betrayal and promised to kill him and eat his friends alive.

To this day this evil mother is attacking the RUC with demented, possessed elite military forces to try and kill her son, Albert. She is an evil force and is highly short tempered. Even Popeye is afraid of her powers. She was in an evil, romantic relationship with the evil demon Tupac Shakur until Tupac was killed.

Her true form is a giant, flaming elephant that can destroy nations and cities.