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Mikennemonic also known as Mike the Destroyer is a demon from the 19th dimension who was summoned by three necromancers: Hatter von Carne, Glackenwarts, and Ambush Bugler.

The power of Mike is so powerful that even the RUC is currently still fighting them.

Mikes Army follows him.


No one knows where Mike originated from but it was rumored that he was born between a bond between Gigyas and Mike Tyson.

There has been new info regarding Mike's origins. He was the snake that seduced Eve until eating the forbidden fruit and was a follower of Satan. Evil demon Mike however, killed his leader and took his place, proclaiming he is the "True Satan".

Eventually Mikes lust for power grew to the point where he wanted to raise an army of evil demons and to plunge the world into darkness so he can be the ruler of the entire universe. Slowly he created the evil demon army that everyone knows today.

Mikennemonic was the reason why the 1st and 2nd Multiverse's were destroyed.


Before it was unknown what Mike's plot was but after Fat Albert grabbing intel it became obvious: Mike wants to destroy the 3rd multiverse by having a blood orgy with Bern to summon Demi-Satan and plunge the world into the 3rd darkness. However in order to do this, he must do Streams to brainwash the innocent into joining this blood orgy with Bern so he can get pregnant before the Satanic Chest burster comes out of his throat and driving the world into chaos.

Popeye is currently in the midst of plotting an invasion but who knows when it'll happen. Hopefully it'll stop this demon.

On 8/20/2015, Popeye and Mike fought on top of Mount Everest. Popeye ended up partially blinding the evil demon when he tossed a boulder at him. Popeye was victorious that day but Mike ran off before he could be finished off.


Mike has been known to be the deadliest demon of all: Possessing magic and powers that can instantly kill even the strongest people and he has been known to regenerate lost limbs in battle. He tends to absorb humans into his body, making him bigger.

His blood is actually lava. He can stop time for his own personal gains, rewrite the code of the universe, and bring darkness into peoples hearts. He can also destroy planets with a blink of an eye.

He is the most power demon of all time and must be stopped before the world is plunged into darkness.

After the Great Fall, Mike has performed the Suprmee Cosmic Ritual of Doomsday that changed his form and allowed him to absorb multiverses with a blink of his mouth.


Mike after the Great Fall, after performing the Supreme Cosmic ritual of Doomsday.


Mikes true form.