Radioactive Uber Wiki

Mike commanding his legion of Hell.

Mike's Army is the army of hell from Mikennemonic personal military. He commands Googol of members to take over the universe and plunge the world of darkness. Below is a list of members Mike has in his large enemies.


  1. Soviet Steve
  2. Hatter
  3. Bern
  4. Ambush Bug
  5. Glackenburgen
  6. Fastrin(Known cannibal)
  7. SpotxSpot(Animal rapist)
  8. IraIsAwesome1(Reincarnate of Hitler)
  9. Uiae(Child molester)
  10. Default_Everything(Prostitute fight pit ringmaster)
  11. Odyro(Member of the Illuminati)
  12. Thenickisquick(Killed Looney Toons)
  13. Sharkstar(Slut)
  14. Noxifer(Raped Felix the Cat's orphans)
  15. Kingkindness(Demon riding chariot)
  16. Pyroblade(Pyromaniac)
  17. iglopop(Summons Satan)
  18. Bingo the Clown(Molests and eats children in the sewers)
  19. Mentarob(Rapes Xbox Ones)
  20. BiohazardJon(Eats babies)
  21. TechScience(Impregnated Penguins for Ernist P. Worrell)
  22. Zerowiseman(Caused Aurora shooting theater)
  23. Sobari(Works at EA)
  24. PSguistarist7(Destroyed Guitar Hero)
  25. Crowley9(Holds a child prostitution ring)
  26. MegaGWolf(Preaches for Mikes army and brainwashes them)
  27. Bernkastel_Kues(Robotic clone of Bern.)
  28. Yoolc(Rapist)
  29. Gorillz(Pedophile)
  30. CidHighwind(Bank robber)
  31. MrDavidAmnesia(Causes school shootings + eats organs)
  32. Grimthwacker(Corrupted cop)
  33. BlackBern(Another Bern clone)
  34. Rob Zombie(Bern is obsessed with this child rapist)
  35. Garry(Milks women)
  36. KissArmy(Technophile)
  37. SeniorBagOfCrap(Toddlercon licker)
  38. Nintendo(Created the Wii U, a device to summon demons)
  39. Banjo(Murdered Sherlock Holmes)
  40. Kazooie(Assistant murder on Sherlock Holmes)
  41. MDickie(Making games with government viruses)
  42. Sankunsama(Touches children)
  43. Hazy_Hills(Known shoplifter)
  44. Mohammed(Preaching to the children)
  45. Deathclock(Stealing souls)
  46. Seth green(Assassinated JFK)
  47. Lizardman(Selling illegal weapons)
  48. Spiffyfishface(Molests and rapes political figures)
  49. Kxking15143(Satanic butcher)
  50. McWhimple(Child abuser)
  51. Jebidiah(Satanist)
  52. Hitlerchu( Mikes flesh eating pet)
  53. Alan Beast( Child kidnapper)
  54. Pasqually(Mafia leader)
  55. Spotxspot(Controls evil umbrella army)
  56. David Bowie(Secretly Osama Bin Laden)
  57. Redbear(Bestiality)
  58. Jerry Brown(Turning California into a Police State)
  59. RawhideKobayashi(Pedophile)
  60. Mr. Bones( Gives elderly people heart attacks)
  61. Joseph Stalin(Communist)
  62. Fat Swordsman(chopping innocent people in half)
  63. LA Beast(Hate Crimes against colored communities)
  64. Crystals1986(Killed a baby)
  65. Dick Swagger(Embezzlement)
  66. LambdadeltaWitch(Terrorism)
  67. Mic(Indecent Exposure)
  68. Odin(Oppressing Innocent Nords)
  69. D(Odins evil son, child porn)
  70. XeroShadows(Pyramid Scheme)
  71. TheSpunk3D(Forces abortions onto women)
  72. DarkGlave360(Launches Dogs into Space)
  73. Raisin(Rabbit-Man Succubi brainwashing Men)
  74. "Boogie Bob" Bob Baldori(Mike's Masochistic Buddy)
  75. Grimace( Double Agent who stole RUC Intel)
  76. NoveRingadarl(Fattens children up)
  77. Gitaxial(Frames innocent people for murder)
  78. Frankensteins Monster(Freak of nature)
  79. Brad( Sexist)
  80. Facebook(Steals Info)
  81. Grandpa Murder(Demonic personification of Murder, death, and violence)