Mr. Jap is a commander of the Golden Japanese Militia and the first enemy the Radioactive Uber Clan ever fought.

He is responsible for the death's of Popeye's parents.


In the age of the Silver knight Madam Korea promoted a man to be her next heir in the Golden Japanese Militia. That man was Mr. Jap.

Mr. Jap was a ruthless dictator who let his people starved to death. He even murdered Madam Korea, partially ate her body, and had sex with it while having a blood orgy for the Asian god.

Mr. Jap went to the town of Port Valor and assaulted everyone there. He then killed Popeye's parents.

Many years later Popeye returned to fight against his arch enemy. But with the RUC at his side.

After a long and hard battle, Mr. Jap lost. He was then thrown in the RUC jail and was there ever since.