Mr. Rogers is a member of the Radioactive Uber Clan and he is a new member. He was inducted into the after Bern murdered his wife and saw Glackenburgen brainwashing children.

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

While Mr. Rogers fights with spears he prefers to actually use his Educational Show to spread the truth and love of the Radioactive Uber Clan. He is the only person who almost got his show banned by Mikennemonic who has control over TV but with his truth and power, he is currently keeping order among the children and making sure they don't get brainwashed.

Recently, on top of the Educational Show on TV, Mr. Rogers along with Dr. Zitbag have been working in RUSchools. Mr. Rogers has been known to film his shows in the RUSchools with a live audience.

Death and Legacy

During the Great Fall, Mr. Rogers fought the Cosmic Six member, Bane. Unfortunately, he overwhelmed Mr. Rogers and snapped his neck, making Felix the cat shed one tear and his death haunts him. Every 8:00 PM now, Popeye and the rest of the RUC will pray to remember Mr. Rogers.