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Negative Albert singing

The Evil Negative Albert.

Negative Albert is Fat Albert's evil clone created by Bern. Negative Albert feeds off the life source of children that Bern kidnaps to feed him. Negative Albert is the exact opposite of Albert and the two have a huge battle every time they meet.

Negative Albert is a proud communist and is a known necrophilliac. He loves to rape dead babies and sing in G-major.

Negative Uber Clan

Because of Negative Alberts awakening, he is using his DNA and the DNA of members of the Radioactive Uber Clan, known as the Negative Uber Clan. So far he hasn't been successful in bringing in the Negative Uber Clan but he currently as Popeye The Sailor's DNA so any day he'll make a Negative Popeye.

While the RUC's code of honor is for love and justice, the NUC's code of dishonor is for anarchy and chaos. So far only Negative Albert is the only member but if he's not stopped, he'll clone Negative versions of the regular RUC members and join Mikes Army to destroy the universe.