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The Noid


The Noid is a member of the Radioactive Uber Clan and is the brawns of the group. Forced to be a child prostitute during his childhood at New Mexico, The Noid escaped. When running from some fiends trying to capture him many years later, Felix the Cat came in to save him. He became a valuable member of the RUC ever since.


The Noid has a philosophical outlook on life and loves nature. The Noid considers littering the worst thing since rape and murder since it destroys the environment. The Noid has an IQ of 409 and he can lift 98 K pounds. He also protects endangered animals and he is a proud buddhist. He loves children, just as much as animals and wants to protect them no matter what.

The Noids main weapon is a pogostick that is able to crush bones and ground. He is married to Lady Tremaine and the two are trying to conceive a child to keep the generations alive.

The Noid after the Great Fall