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The Orb of Alzoth.

The Orb Of Alzoth is an ancient item made by a magician who got the blood of God and Satan. The Orb of Alzoth was created by the magician so he can control time and space and to stop an entire war. Popeye The Sailor found it by the magicians great ancestor who gave it to him.


Legend says that the Orb of Alzoth was created by a magician named "The Orange One". The Orange One attacked Satan for his blood and asked God for his blood to make it. The orb was made to stop the nations of Billberry and Stillberry from waging war at each other as well as control time, space, and reality. Only thing that it can't do is erase reality but it's a very powerful weapon.

Legend says one villain and one hero will hold it and only one of them will use it for their own means. It has the power to cause the End of the World and it has the power to purify the world. However, it can only hit that potential when both the hero and the villain have shed blood on to the orb. The Orb however, can't revive anyone who has died unless they swallowed a piece of the orb.

The Orange Ones family is said to be holding it.


The Orb of Alzoth was found by Popeye of the Radioactive Uber Clan when he found the Orange Ones ancestor. The battle against Tupac Shakur was being held at the time and knowing the potential it has to turn the battle around, Popeye convinced the Orange One's Ancestor to give it to him.

It was not long after however, that the Orange Ones Ancestor was murdered by Tupac himself, making Popeye the owner of the orb. He used the orb to destroy Tupac's barricade and to ultimately have the final showdown with him before Daffy Duck's sacrifice.

To this day the Orb of Alzoth is being held by Popeye. While it's not as powerful as it was due to Popeye not giving it blood or his current enemies blood on it, it still helps him with the likes of giving him spinach, breaking down barriers, and locating people.