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The gunman.

Peter Griffin is a member of the Radioactive Uber Clan and is the Gunman of the group. His job is to give out as much firepower as he can and teach others the way of the gun. His main weapon is a mini-gun he got from his father when he was four.

Personality and Background

Before Peter joined the RUC, he was a notorious bank robber. He trusted his fellow robbers during a heist and taught them how to use guns. However this all changed when Hatter attacked and ate his teammates. She was about to kill Peter when Felix the Cat and Popeye The Sailor tossed Holy Water at her to scare her off. Peter Joined to thank them for their efforts. Now Peter Griffins job is to stop Mikes army and get Hatters head for killing his allies.

Peter is a known kleptomaniac but he knows how to control himself from stealing. His knowledge in guns is useful for the entire clan. Peter loves to hunt and only eats meat. He also formed a friendship with Noid and he'll protect him no matter what unless asked to separate from him.

Peter Griffin after the Great Fall