The Elite General.

The Polish Yeti is a new member of the Radioactive Uber Clan and is the RUC's Elite General, a high ranking general who can command many RUC Soldiers. He(and his assistant Boomstick ) helped the RUC when the evil Tiki God tried to kill off the RUC.

His identity was revealed on 8/14/14 to the horror of many Demons but to the cheering and amazement by RUC supporters.


Polish Yeti was born in Turkey with his other Yeti and Sasquatch family members. He was living a happy life but he had one dream: To be the best Dancer in the world. His Yeti family did not approve of this and wanted him to be like normal yetis: Away from human contact and eating fish. Polish Yeti, angered by this, moved to Hawaii away from Turkey and his family and began to learn every dancing technique there are.

He met his assistant, Boomstick at Hawaii who he saved from being wrongfully put in jail since he was accused of cannibalism, which he was not.

Later on, the RUC came to Hawaii after a friend of Popeye The Sailor's died and the RUC needed to mourn. However, the evil demonic Tiki God knew who the RUC was and decided to attack them with his evil possessed demon SWAT Units. Angered by this, Polish Yeti(And his assistant Boomstick) came to the rescue. Polish Yeti(And his assistant Boomstick) fended off the demons. Polish Yeti used his Dance-fu to defeat and kill the Tiki God. Amazed by his Dance-fu, Popeye hired Polish Yeti(and his assistant Boomstick) to the RUC as an Elite General.


Polish Yeti is a gentle, shy individual who loves to party all the time. To Polish Yeti(and his assistant Boomstick), partying is one of the most important things next to fending off demons and paying bills. He likes to party so he can learn how to dance since he wants to be the best Dancer in the World.

He loves to teach other RUC members how to dance but Polish Yeti realized they can't dance as well as him but he still tries anyways. Polish Yeti(and his assistant Boomstick) is also very helpful and kindhearted. He loves long walks when he's not dancing.

Polish Yeti took five years to learn his one-of-a-kind battle technique: Dance-fu which combines Kung-fu with Dancing, which has been proven extremely effective in keeping his dancing habits while killing demons.

Polish Yeti also commands many soldiers with the use of his dancing, which shows Popeye why he hired him as an Elite General. It's debatable if he is also just as good, if not better of a strategist than Jafar(though Jafar doesn't mind.). Polish Yeti is also extremely talented in breaking necks in all 199 ways. All Polish Yeti wants however, is to kill the demons so he can teach humans how to dance peacefully.


Polish Yeti after the Great Fall