Project Equality

The logo to Project Equality.

Project Equality is a project, fundraiser, and mission made by the Radioactive Uber Clan to get equality for people of all genders, races, species, sexual orientations, and health.

Popeye The Sailor created Project Equality after seeing the Tomato King killing people just because of their minority status. Popeye, traumatized by this, made it his mission to protect minority groups no matter what.

The RUC donates most of their money for homes and support for minority groups. Every Saturday, known as "Equality Saturday", every member of the RUC wears a rainbow T-shirt to express their pro-minority stance.

However, evil demons try to use their Propaganda to make the RUC look like xenophobes and ignorant bigots when in reality, the RUC is anything but. The demons propaganda tries to make them look like racists but the RUC knows they're all for equality. The RUC also makes a special dinner party for minority groups known as "Equality Dinner Party".

Project Equality is being run by Popeyes childhood friend, Dr. Alligator.