Pupeye the Dog.

Pupeye was Popeye The Sailor's dog that he got from Fat Albert as a Christmas gift. He was a loyal pet to Popeye and was fond of him. When Pupeye was alive, he protected his master from enemies who attacked the Radioactive Uber Clan. Felix the cat described Pupeye as a beautiful dog.


When Mikes Army invaded New York City, The RUC was in the front center to protect the town. During the scuffle, Pupeye attacked a member of Mike's Army known as "TechScience".

TechScience got the upper hand and bit Pupeye, giving the dog a special kind of radioactive rabies that was making the dog suffer. Felix the Cat saw the dog dying and had to do the difficult decision of putting him down.

Popeye didn't speak to Felix for a week before forgiving him over his dogs death. This made their friendship stronger and now Popeye wants to get a new dog in Pupeye's name.