The RUC Laws of Order is a list of laws created by Popeye The Sailor from the Radioactive Uber Clan for when the evil demon Mikennemonic is destroyed in a potential End of the World scenario where it needs a leader. If the world were to end or the Apocalypse will happen, Popeye will put these laws down to make sure peace is brought throughout the community and land to ensure love and peace is spread.


  1. Only RUC officials or people with a license will own guns or other weapons to prevent any violence.
  2. Each newborn baby is checked for two weeks for any health problems before given to their parents.
  3. Alcohol is banned from the entire region to prevent drunken abuse.
  4. Abstinence is mandatory. No sex before marriage.
  5. All food is double checked by the RUC Health Inspection Committee(RUCHIC) and any ounce of unhealthiness will force the food to be altered.
  6. Everyone must have a job. If they can't get one the RUC will find one for them.
  7. Demons are to be shot or captured on sight.
  8. Gold is shared among the community regardless of who owns it.
  9. Medical treatment is top priority.
  10. At least three farms are needed in each settlement. Six months are needed before one is made.
  11. Everyone is treated in court fairly.
  12. Every second week of June is Popeye appreciation week.
  13. All kids have an equal opprotunity in education.

Punishment is needed to those who break these laws.