RUC observer

A template of the newspaper.

The RUC Observer is a newspaper dedicated to the Radioactive Uber Clan. It is manufactured inside "The Observer", a largescale factory/business building hybrid ran by Jabberjaw to help people keep up with current events and even interviews RUC officials and people about current situations.

In many areas, it is the only newspaper available mainly because those areas have not heard of a newspaper before.

They usually cover the big events, smaller news stories, opinions and interviews, lifestyle, and Count Chocula has his own section of the paper of him talking about how to be healthy. There is even a page dedicated to talking about events and whereabouts on evil demons like Mikennemonic, Soviet Steve, Bern, and others as well as their last known locations and what they did. This usually helps with people to find and search for them. Usually Demon overlord Mike has half the page dedicated to him due to how important he is. Non-demons can sometimes appear here like Nostalgia Critic and the Tomato King.

Millions go around to read the newspapers. It won the "Editors Gold" award due to its high quality and ever since then, it always has a collectible sticker saying "It won the Editors Gold" award to remind people of this big event.