One of the many different kinds of RUCamps.

The RUCamp is a combination of a training center for new RUC soldier recruits and a rehabilitation center for demons and criminals who want to turn back to normal or into soldiers. They were suggested by ally of the Radioactive Uber Clan known as Lady Tremaine as a way to save costs on the regular recruitment camps and rehabilitation center. It has two sides, the Red corner for soldier training and the blue corner for the Rehabilitation camp.

Each soldier wears a red tag on their legs or a blue tag if they're demons or criminals.

Red Corner

The Red corner of the RUCamp is for soldiers who are training for the RUC. These trainings range from three different types: Easy, Normal, and Deadly. Each soldier gets points for every time they complete training.

Some of these trainings include gun ranges to train with your guns, meditation, fire-walks to toughen their feet up, and The Course which is a very long course where each soldier has to dodge obstacles, use their wits to solve puzzles, and be the first in the finish line to get th points needed to become a soldier.

Sometimes soldiers who are discovered to be criminals or demons will lose their red tag and they go to the blue section.

Blue Corner

The opposite side is the Blue Corner. Anyone with a blue tag is a demon or criminal that can be rehabilitized to become a normal citizen or even a soldier. A blue tagged person will usually do given chores from RUC soldiers each day that they have to do or start with their rehab depending on how their schedule looks.

Some of the chores the criminals or demons do are load guns, repair the Camp, tend to soldiers wounds, work on other peoples rehab, cook, clean, feed the pets, or scout the area for any attackers.

The rehab usually includes classes that teach the people what they did right or wrong, exorcism if they are demons, therapy, or Pit Fights which are a way to relieve stress from said evil being by having them fight with against each other in an underground(or sometimes outside) ring. These are dangerous but they help with the rehab.

Once the RUC has seen what they have done and consider them good citizens they let them go or offer them to be soldiers, depending on their skills.