The RUCivil War Refers to a civil war in the Radioactive Uber Clan when RUC traiters, Willy Wonka and Mickey Mouse began to split from the RUC and attack them for different agendas.


On the month of September, Popeye The Sailor and the rest of the RUC were discussing plans on annihilating demons for good when Willy Wonka came in. He tried to tell everyone that peace is the only solution to stop the evil demons. Popeye tried to explain to his friend that demons can not be negotiated with.

Disgusted, Willy Wonka left. He told Mickey Mouse about the incident and the two began to conspire against the RUC so they can become leaders. A month later, Mickey Mouse and Willy Wonka began to rile thousands of soldiers to join their cause. This caused the RUCivil War.

Friends and family of the RUC began to fight and kill each other for different agendas. Mickey Mouse kidnapped Fat Albert and Felix the Cat and brought them into a mine and tried to tell them why they're wrong and are giving them a chance to join their cause. Felix and Albert however, knew where their loyalty lay: With their friend Popeye.

Disgusted, Mickey mouse tried to kill Felix but Felix fought back and kicked him into the mine shaft. The mine also began to collapse and the two left.

Later on Willy Wonka began to attack Popeye when Garfield and Jafar came in to save the day. Jafar ordered his cobras to attack Willy Wonka and he temporary paralyzed Wonka. Popeye tossed Wonka in a jail cell and after that, it ended the RUCivil War.


Due to the deaths of thousands of RUC soldiers and a lot of treachery, Willy Wonka was put on death row. Wonka's death sentence still hasn't happened but in three months after this article is written down, he will be executed for his evil acts.

When going through the mine for Mickey Mouses body, they couldn't find his body. Instead they found a tunnel and a lot of empty bean cans. The tunnel lead outside under a city bridge. This lead people to believe Mickey Mouse survived his encounter with Felix. Every month Felix the cat gets strange letters that keep on saying how he'll avenge the fallen and Felix assumes this is Mickey Mouse, trying to anger him and is wondering when Mickey will strike again.